How to claim compensation…

Sometimes the person or business at fault will come to an agreement with the victim in order to bypass all the chaos of taking a case to court in order to get compensation, but in other situations this isn’t always the case; this is when you have to claim for compensation

If an agreement cannot be reached them to start a claim you must notify the police, who will take all the details needed to be able to present it to the Crown Prosecution Service who will then make the request in court. It is then up to the court whether you get compensation, and if so how much will be paid or wherever the defendant will do time in prison or not. If the defendant is given a prison sentence then they will not have to pay out any compensation. Compensation is not paid directly through the defendant to you. The defendant pays in installments or all at once to the court who then pass the money on to you. The court keep an eye on the money and make sure the offender pays it. It isn’t likely that you’ll have much communication with the offender as all questions and information you would like to know if asked through the court.

To read a more in depth version and all the nitty gritty information about how to claim compensation then click here.


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